Recipe for Mr Right – A Kobo book of the month!

June was an amazing month. Recipe for Mr Right was released into the world and suddenly I am a published author. You have no idea how amazing that felt. I don’t think I’ve come back down to earth yet. And it is fabulous to read so many comments from readers who love the book. I can’t thank them all enough. Writers I have always admired invited me to appear on their blogs, just in case you’ve missed them, I’ve posted the links below.

Thank you so much Morton Gray:

Thank you so much Claire Sheldon:

Thank you so much

#AuthorInTheSpotlight – Anni Rose – Recipe for Mr Right – @AnniRoseAuthor @ChocLitUK

Thank you so much The Writing Greyhound:

Thank you so much Books and Me:

Thank you so much B for Bookreview:

and then to discover that it was a Kobo book of the month was the icing on the cake.

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